It’s the sensation that suddenly you’re not feeling so hot. Then suddenly you’re “talking to dinosaurs” or “praying to the porcelain gods” all night long. So what’s the best thing to do when you’ve got food poisoning?

Get on a bus for 6 hours on the steepest, curviest, bumpiest road you’ve ever been on dodging cows, stray dogs and cats, kids biking to school, entire families on motorbikes, ducks, and chickens. By far the worst road I have ever traveled on. Luckily we have some great travel buddies that looked after our bags and let us sprawl on the floor of the van.

On a positive note –
1. Sick on a travel day means we weren’t missing out on the fun
2. The drive was actually quite pretty when I managed to squeeze my eyes open and remove my head from my knees
3. Since this hit both me and Claudia we can take care of each other

In Vang Vieng now after a good 13 hr nap here, taking tomorrow off to rest and rehydrate and then will be back at it to tube down the river and kayak through some limestone caves.

– from Camille