Misty rain hung over Ninh Binh for the entirety of our visit. Instead of dampening our experience, we found we felt at home and loved what it added to the atmosphere of the steep limestone cliffs and caves of Trang An, just outside of Ninh Binh.  To experience this area, we were rowed on a boat through the waterways and caves, the only noise being the paddles being pushed through the water, birds chirping, and me flubbing along in French to try to communicate with the lovely French couple we shared a car over with.  We were treated to a beautiful impromptu bamboo flute concert which harmonized with the peace and quiet of nature.  We captured all of this on video just for you – check it out below.

I gave the flute a shot as well, and despite finding it very different to the concert instrument, I gave a rousing rendition of Mary had a little lamb. 20111207-194446.jpg20111207-194438.jpg

Not so pleasant a noise was the thud of my head against a stalactite whilst touring a cave on our boat, which kept Claudia laughing for a good two minutes after a fleeting second of concern. Thanks, Claudia.  It doesnt appear any serious damage was done (yet).


-from Camille