It’s hard to re-join the backpacker world after a couple of days with people you know and love, especially when it’s pouring rain. Luckily, we were well stocked with organic dark chocolate (thank you, Chomiaks!) to ease the slight homesickness, which faded completely the next day when the sun finally broke out from behind the clouds.  With our spirits restored, we set out to hike to the lagoon, a salt water pool in the middle of the island with our new friend Tom.  I’m sure he was later cursing himself for following us crazy Canadians.  The “path” (aka not so dry waterfall) was pure mud.  Gingerly at first, we pulled ourselves up the steep slope, later giving way to the inevitability of absolute filthiness.  The trek was definitely only suited to those with a strong sense of adventure – luckily, we have double ;).

That evening, we watched the sunset from the beach and enjoyed Thai food overlooking the ocean.  Our entourage quickly grew with people we met over the day, and dinner transitioned to the classic Thailand evening festivities of Chang beer and dancing.

Claudia and I woke up painfully early the next morning to catch the ferry to Koh Phi Phi.  Despite the deluge of vacationers and backpackers, we found a friend from home Harry Jones walking down the street!  It’s a small world after all.

We did have a little bit of stress when we were told the road to KL was flooded and wouldn’t be open for a few days.  Panicked, Claudia and I immediately started researching other options – an expensive and very long ferry to Malaysia or an expensive and inconvenient flight.  Before handing our money over, we double checked with a couple other places on the island who reported no such flooding.  Lesson learned – do not make big decisions without eating breakfast, without getting at least two opinions, and while on a slight Chang-over.

Our stay on Phi Phi was unexpectedly delightful, even if it was for only a day – we rented a kayak and checked out a secluded beach bay, found a cat napping in a beer fridge, met some great people in line for Papaya Restaurant, and danced the night away with our new friends at the beach.  A great way to bid adieu to Thailand.

-from Camille